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  • Model: 6490
  • Moldex


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Reusable ear plugs don’t need to be uncomfortable. Moldex® reusable ear plugs feature a triple flange design that provides maximum comfort, even when worn for a full shift. The air pocket in the tip gives cushioned comfort for all-day wear. The soft, flexible flanges provide a superior seal and fit most size ear canals.

Our Comets® are the first reusable earplug to feature an innovative “finger fit” that allows the user to easily guide the earplug directly into the ear canal providing a custom fit. In addition, Comets® are a cost effective alternative for even the tightest budget. You can get the comfort and protection your workers need, without breaking the bank.

Moldex® Rockets® reusable ear plugs are designed to give you a great grip. The easy grip handle lets them easily slip into the ear. They are brightly colored for easy compliance checks and with an NRR of 27, our Rockets® reusable ear plugs provide serious protection for most noisy environments. Tested independently in an accredited laboratory to ANSI S3.19-1974.


* Soft triple flange adjusts to most size ear canals to hold the plug securely in place.
* Available in corded and uncorded models.
* The bright green color is a trademark of Moldex-Metric, Inc. and also provides easy compliance.