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Foameeze Foam Soap Dispenser with Refillable Bottle

  • Model: 9325
  • Impact


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* Sleek, smooth modern design complements any decor
* Made of durable ABS for extended lifetime
* Sight window indicates level of soap remaining
* ADA compliant pushbar
* Key lock for maximum security or optional universal access
* 1000 ml (33.8 oz.) refillable bottle reduces environmental waste; features vented large screw cap for easy refilling
* Each push dispenses 0.7 ml of liquid in the form of foam soap
* Field tested foam pump mechanism lasts through several thousand cycles
* Refillable bottles marked "FOAM SOAP" to insure proper use and are recyclable
* Handles most foam soaps and bulk foam sanitizers from 0-14 centipose (cps)
* Replacement 1000 ml refillable bottle and foam pump mechanism available (9325B)