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Ultra Hygiene Bench Squeegees

  • Model: 4769
  • REMCO Products


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These single blade squeegees are molded in one-piece with no seems or crevices for bacteria to hide. Use of a co-molding process produces a flexible rubber blade with a reinforced head for added hygiene and durability. In addition, the entire squeegee is color-coded to aid in your efforts of due diligence. Part of the Vikan hygiene system?, Professional Cleaning Solutions.


* Very durable, solid and ultra-hygienic
* Made from FDA-compliant materials
* One-piece construction, single blade squeegee design
* Autoclavable at temperatures up to 212? F/100? C
* Specially blended rubber blade; flexible and durable
* Usable on a variety of work surfaces
* Full mono-color construction for HACCP identification and tracking
* Double splash guard for push or pull applications
* Molded reverse edge scraper
* 6.5" handle included