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N95 Healthcare Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask

  • Model: 3211N95
  • Moldex


Per 20 Masks
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Easy Fit, More Comfort and Dependability.

The molded nosebridge with the soft foam nose cushion provides the wearer with an easy comfortable fit. There?s no metal noseband to adjust and the seal is maintained without pressure points. The single strap design is the first approved by NIOSH for an N95 respirator and it provides an easier, more comfortable fit without messing hair.

Last Longer, Use Fewer.

The Dura-Mesh? shell, exclusive to Moldex?, prevents filter media contact by contaminated gloves or hands. The shell resists collapsing, even in heat and humidity, so the respirator holds its shape longer. The result is fewer respirators used and lower costs.

Elastic Straps.

The elastic straps don?t irritate or require prestretching. The 3200 Series has a patented color-coded halo design that is available in three different sizes. Not manufactured with natural rubber latex.

Suggested Applications

Surgery, hospitals and healthcare facilities, nurse/hospice care, correctional facilities, police, fire and rescue teams, EMS/EMT, homeless shelters, occupational health facilities, school healthcare offices. Note: For areas with oils present, you must use an R or P respirator.


* 100% PVC-Free?.
* The only NIOSH-approved, N95 single strap respirator available.
* Meets CDC guidelines for protection against TB.
* NIOSH certified to have a filter efficiency of 95% or greater against non-oil based particulates.
* Dura-Mesh? shell resists collapsing in regular use and even under hot and humid conditions.
* Latex Free halo strap design fits securely while leaving hair in place.
* Contoured molded nosebridge for extra comfort.
* Highest ASTM level of fluid resistance on the market (160 mm Hg).
* Soft foam nose cushion for an easy and comfortable fit.
* Softspun? inner lining is soft to the touch.
* Bacterial filtration efficiency > 99.9%.